Diets Don't Work

What’s Your But?


But this won’t work, but I can’t do that, but this is hurting me, or this person did this or that to me.

I think we all have them and we get in a vicious circle explaining them. What’s your excuse for not taking care of yourself? What’s your reasoning for denying the self care you deserve?

I’ve just begun to realize that all my reasons why this or that won’t work are just excuses, my buts. Tell me to read – I can’t sit still that long or I have no concentration. Tell me to get out – I have a fear of people. Tell me to eat – I’m going to get fat, tell me to call someone – I have a fear of the phone. All the things I need to do to take care of myself I have a reason why that won’t work.

It’s now time for no more buts! I am working real hard on not negating everything people tell me to to do to help myself. I’m usually so negative – negative responses for so much. I live with my buts because of the negativity I make up in my head.

So my challenge to you is took look at what are your buts. What’s keeping you from working on something? Is it ED thoughts telling you that you’re not good enough? Is it the mind playing around with you saying, well I’ve got this or I’ve got that, I’m not able to do that – really? Is that reality or are you making excuses.

I’m working to expose the negativity in my life and changing the thought and removing the excuses. What about you?